A Brilliant Sova Recon Bolt Was Used To Retake Haven’s C Site By A Valorant Player

A Brilliant Sova Recon Bolt Was Used To Retake Haven's C Site By A Valorant Player
Image from The Stanford Daily

“You’ll have your intel, I promise.”

Despite the fact that VALORANT’s Haven map has been out for almost a year, clever Sova mains are always finding fresh line-ups.

One player demonstrated a fantastic Recon Bolt for retaking Haven’s C site earlier today, providing a video of the strategy.

Players must stand near the doorway leading to the B site in order to complete the line-up. Players can then line up the first bar on the Recon Bolt’s power meter with a precise spot on a hanging pipe. Players can shoot the arrow on a C site rooftop by adding one bounce to the ability and charging it a little past the second power bar. The Recon Bolt will then reveal the entire place, including any opponents that may be present.

Attacking teams would frequently coordinate a push through Garage and C Main to gain access to the plant for a simple plant. While it’s usually difficult to reclaim C, this Recon Bolt can tell you and your teammates where the opponents are. The only spot your squad would have to worry about after retaking C and clearing Garage is C Long.

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