Valorant Pro Gamer Caught Cheating

Valorant Pro Gamer Caught Cheating

Time and time again, we see this happening on different eSports tournament. A player wants to gain an unfair advantage, they think they can fool the system but all of them get caught eventually.

The same thing happened to a Valorant Player, 1 Day after joining Movistar Riders Rui “rapaztriste” Fonseca was kicked out from the organization. The players he played with in a tournament was suspicious of him. He played 3 games and they noticed that he had a very high average kills per game, in which the players reported to the player staff and after an investigation they did verify that he was cheating.

Movistar Statement

He was kicked out after the incident.

Rapaztriste recently posted about how he was going to be unstoppable during this year.

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