Two-time Halo World Champion Royal 2 Suspended Following Cheating Probe

Two-time Halo World Champion Royal 2 Suspended Following Cheating Probe
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Following an evaluation into claims of server tampering, two-time Halo World Champion Royal 2 has been suspended.

Following an inquiry into potential server manipulation, the Halo Championship Series (HCS) gave Sentinels player Mathew “Royal 2” Fiorante a 45-day penalty. Royal 2 purposefully evaded Halo Infinite’s server selection procedure, resulting in opponents experiencing extremely high ping and a four-hour tournament delay, according to evidence acquired by HCS Administration.

Royal 2 will not compete again until January 28, and Sentinels have forfeited all seeding points earned since the season began as a result of the probe.


Following the NA Kick-Off Qualifier competition, multiple professional teams came up with allegations against Sentinels, according to HCS. Players speculated that the top Halo team chose a server on purpose to favor them and punish their opponents. The complaints were investigated quickly by HCS, which uncovered incriminating evidence.

To ensure equality, HCS Administration outlined the server selection process and how the system works:

“In Halo Infinite a server is determined automatically by the game with no organic ability for players to control the outcome of this. The game measures the pings of all of the players in the lobby to all of the servers in the world, 7 of which are located in the United States, and then selects the server it determines best for everyone in the match to play on.”

Beginning November 15, league administrators examined Sentinels’ server logs for irregularities. Between November 27 and December 3, the HCS observed that only the westus2 server appeared on the list. As a result, Sentinels routinely outperformed their opponents on favorable servers while suffering from high ping. HCS found two unambiguous rule infractions and provided appropriate penalties.


Royal 2 was found to be the culprit in unfairly acquiring an advantage for his squad after HCS Administration reviewed all of the components. The statement runs as follows:

“We have determined that the only plausible explanation for Royal 2’s telemetry data pattern referred to above is that there was a direct modification of files giving Royal 2 an unfair competitive advantage during play.”

All 3,660 seeding points earned by the four players since the season’s start have been relinquished. Prior to next weekend’s HCS Raleigh Kick-Off Major, the Sentinels have forfeited their first-place Pool Play spot. Finally, the league has put Royal 2 on hold until January 28, 2022.


Following the HCS judgment, Sentinels player Tony “LethuL” Campbell Jr. went on a Twitter rant. He referred to the HCS as “incompetent,” and initially claimed that his squad would not travel to Raleigh for the Kick-Off Major. LethuL is adamant that Royal 2 did nothing illegal and that the HCS ignored emails from the player’s internet service provider (ISP).

Overall, the scenario is a disaster. Sentinels were dealt a severe blow just hours after winning their second consecutive Halo event, forcing them out of their personal bubble. The HCS will almost certainly uphold their decision. In the meantime, LethuL continues to criticize the ruling class.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens in the days leading up to the Kick-Off in Raleigh. Sentinels, on the other hand, currently have no seeding points and have lost Royal 2, an important member of their team, due to server manipulations.


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