TSM Wins The VCT NA Challengers 2 Main Event Over FaZe

TSM Wins The VCT NA Challengers 2 Main Event Over FaZe
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TSM is a strong contender in the Playoffs.

TSM won the VCT NA Challengers 2 main event by defeating FaZe Clan 3-1 in the Grand Final.

Despite the fact that both teams had already qualified for the Challengers Playoffs, the Final was a highly anticipated event as both teams sought to establish themselves as dominant forces in NA following a streak of disappointing performances in early 2021. After almost dominating the Valorant NA landscape last year, TSM faced a difficult task in securing the event. And they certainly did not let their supporters down.


TSM had an early lead on the Defender’s side in the first match on Ascent, winning 8-4 before switching sides. FaZe Clan, on the other hand, had other ideas. They methodically suffocated TSM on their defending half to pull a 13-11 win out of nowhere.

Split made his debut in the second match. TSM was merciless right away, scoring nine points in the attacking half on a set that favored the defense. TSM was able to neutralize the character on both flanks, making FaZe’s Breach selection ineffectual. As a result, TSM easily won the match with a score of 13-6.

TSM scored 10 points in the first half of the third game on Breeze, which was comparable to the second. Despite Corey “corey” Nigra’s excellent performance against an unpopular duelist like Yoru, FaZe’s players were unable to consistently plant. TSM won the game 13-6.

On Haven, the final match was really a formality. After the previous two matches, the FaZe players’ spirits were noticeably low. They simply didn’t have any responses to TSM’s aggressive play during their defensive half. They struggled to gain any early kills and were plagued by Operator Superstar Matthew “Wardell” Yu, who finished with 20 kills. FaZe only managed to score two points in the entire match, which was won by TSM by a score of 13-2.

TSM is now one of the favorites to win the Challenger Playoffs and a spot in the upcoming Berlin Major as a result of their victory.

The Challenger Playoffs will begin on August 11 and will feature eight of the region’s best clubs. Stay tuned to ESTNN for more information on the upcoming Challenger Playoffs.

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