Top eSports Earner Of 2020

The year 2020 is coming to an end. Talking about the top eSports earner of the year, it may come as a massive surprise that the top earner for the year 2020 in eSports will be a chess player. Online chess is on the rise and Sven Magnus Carlsen a well known player in the chess community won $484,420.48 USD on online chess tournaments alone.

Top eSports earner of 2020

He will be the top earner for the year 2020 for eSports. It is because a lot of events have been canceled for this year because of the pandemic. Probably this will be the last a chess player will be the top earner because next year The International DOTA 2 tournament will be back and the prizes for that tournament is off the charts versus this year.

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