The Apex Player Summons A Swarm Of Enemy Worms

The Apex Player Summons A Swarm Of Enemy Worms
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Apex Legends’ midseason update introduced Apex Chronicles, which sent players scurrying around World’s Edge as Bloodhound, intending to track down a white raven while searching for a way to save their home planet. Pursuing the Bloodhound objectives, of course, exposes the player to attacks from any enemy teams that happen to see them, as well as other standard hazards of the lava-filled map.

Reddit user ZeRoCoOLUK encountered some difficulties while attempting to complete the first leg of the chronicle on their own, though this was most likely not one of the hazards Respawn had in mind.

Following completion of the aim and hearing the disembodied voice that comes with finding the white raven, the player appears to convene a Valkyrie team, slithering across the ground on their bellies before finally downing the enemy Valkyrie and being taken down by her newly-freed teammates. Rather than accomplishing some sort of dark ritual hidden by Apex devs in the new storytelling expertise, this looks pretty similar to the bug many players reported earlier this year when using Revenant’s Death Totem in conjunction with Valkyrie’s ultimate.

This group is in full-flight animation rather than preserving the vertical stance from the start of Skyward Dive, so it could be a different bug or exploit. However, given that the Valkyrie in question had a Revenant on her squad, it appears that it is more or less the same thing. The enemy squad could have been baiting the location of the white raven, or they could have just discovered the bug for the first time. In any case, players can rest assured that completing the first leg of the chronicle will not result in their death at the hands of an enemy team dressed as worms.

If there is one piece of advice we can take from this, it is quite simple: Last but not least, there’s the Valk.

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