T1’s Faker Earns His 2,500th Kill With A Decisive Win Over Gen.G In The 2022 LCK Spring Split

T1's Faker Earns His 2,500th Kill With A Decisive Win Over Gen.G In The 2022 LCK Spring Split

With a 2-0 victory over Gen.G, T1 mid laner Faker has reached 2,500 kills in the LCK, keeping the storied Korean mid laner undefeated in 2022.

League of Legends’ greatest player of all-time broke another milestone against Gen.G, collecting his 2,500th LCK career kill on his signature pick Leblanc, a feat no other player has accomplished. Faker entered today’s series against Gen.G, the LCK’s second-best team, looking to help T1 maintain their undefeated streak. Faker not only won, but he also made a statement.

Untouched and mechanically sound, Faker’s unrivaled pressure helped T1 snowball an early game lead against Gen.G on his Leblanc pick. The mid and support duo were everywhere on the map with the help of T1 support Keria’s strong map awareness and playmaking as T1 eventually closed the first game in 32 minutes as Faker went 6/1/6 on the Leblanc.

While Faker’s second game on Ryze did not go well, T1 rookie top laner Zeus shined in lane against Gen.Doran. G’s Zeus was unstoppable on the Jayce pick throughout the early laning phase. He parlayed his early advantage into late-game damage that was critical in securing a T1 comeback, as the top laner dealt 39,000 damage in the game, 12,000 more than Gen.G AD carry Ophelia.

This victory over Gen.G improved T1’s record to 13-0 in the 2022 LCK Spring Split and provided another opportunity for Faker to build on his illustrious career. And today’s match was not Faker’s first major achievement in 2022; the legendary mid laner recently played his 1,000th career game, becoming the second player to do so after DRX’s Deft.

Faker, who has spent nearly ten years as a professional League player, hopes to return to the top in 2022. T1 will look to secure their playoff bye this week against KT Rolster on Sunday, March 6, as the strongest LCK team.

In terms of Gen.G, this loss to T1 was expected because no one in the LCK has been able to dethrone T1 at the top. Their record is now 10-3, with a two-series lead over DWG KIA and DRX, who are both eighth with eight wins.

Gen.G will look to rebound from their loss to the undefeated T1 today when they face the Kwangdong Freecs on Saturday, March 5.

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