According To Reports, The Valorant Champions Skin Bundle Generated $18.7 Million In Revenue

According to Riot sources who spoke to Upcomer, the VALORANT Champions weapon skin bundle earned $18.72 million in revenue, which was split between Riot Games and the competing teams.

According To Reports, The Valorant Champions Skin Bundle Generated $18.7 Million In Revenue
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Riot Games and the 16 teams that attended and competed in the first-ever VCT Champions event in December 2021 split this revenue figure evenly. The $9.36 million had been divided equally among all competing teams, regardless of where they finished.

Upcomer also reported on how individual organizations divided the estimated $585,000 that each team received. According to them, Cloud9 and Vivo Keyd distributed the majority of their Champions bundle revenue to the players, whereas Envy (now OpTic) and Sentinels split the revenue evenly between the players and the organization. Vivo Keyd had the highest player percentage split at 80 percent, totaling more than $93,000 for each of the five players.

The majority of the reported teams reportedly kept the majority of the money, with X10 CRIT keeping all of its Champions bundle revenue. After the players’ contracts expired, X10 CRIT and the Champions roster parted ways in January.

The VCT Champions bundle was first announced on November 23, and it included a Vandal skin, a karambit melee, and a slew of other items in black, gold, and red color schemes, as well as various variant upgrade options. Riot officially announced on December 8, prior to the start of Champions, that the collection had already raised “over $7.5 million” for teams, indicating a total revenue figure of more than $15 million at the time.

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