Smite Knife Skin Revamp by a VALORANT Fan

Smite Knife Skin Revamp by a VALORANT Fan
Image via Gaming news

Use lightning to your advantage.

The VALORANT community has some of the most creative and brilliant designers of any game community, and this was evident once again thanks to one digital artist who chose to revamp the Smite knife skin.

The Smite skin collection by VALORANT includes looks for the Classic, Judge, Phantom, Odin, and Knife, which has a blue lighting-covered look. In Thyros.exe’s new concept, the Knife simply becomes the lighting with a small wooden hilt to wield the power.

Thyros.exe created the look in the 3D modeling software Blender, and images show it both alone and in the context of being wielded in-game. While the Smite set isn’t usually popular or noteworthy, a unique implementation like this one would undoubtedly entice more fans to pick it up and use it in battle.

Since the beginning of VALORANT, the team has used unique animated skin designs, particularly when it comes to knives. This concept would fit right in with the current selection of knife skins.

If you want to see how this was formed or see the other weapon ideas Thyros.exe has created, make sure to check out and subscribe to their YouTube channel here.


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