QTCinderella, A Popular Twitch Streamer Has Signed On With TSM As A New Content Creator

QTCinderella, A Twitch streamer Has Joined TSM As A Content Creator
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TSM has bolstered its comedic lineup with the addition of some top-tier creators.

TSM has today announced that Twitch streamer QTCinderella has agreed to join as a content creator.

Known as QTCinderella on Twitch, Blaire has over 450,000 followers. She also has 225,000 Twitter followers and 215,000 YouTube subscribers. She’s best known for her lively personality, impressive baking skills, hilarious cosplays, and wide range of gaming streams. QT, a former professional baker, frequently bakes cakes for other creators, such as Pokimane, and broadcasts her baking sessions live. Besides her bright blue eyes, QT has a devoted fanbase on Twitch, where her emotes are largely based on her Twitch subscribers’ reactions to them.

TSM’s official YouTube channel has a cinematic four-minute video in which QT explains her life’s journey from her childhood to the present.

A competitive family background and years of video game playing prepared QT well for his new role. It took a long time for me to figure out my place in the world. Finding a community on Twitch transformed QT’s life and allowed her to get the most out of her closest friendships.

In addition, she’s shown in the video to be a longtime TSM fan. QT credited TSM with making him a nerd. “Hello, my name is QTCinderella and I have joined TSM,” she said during her live stream on Twitch today when announcing her partnership with TSM. Everyone else wished they had joined TSM, but they didn’t.

QT stated during her Twitch stream that she began watching League of Legends from the very beginning. “My car had a TSM sticker on the back,” he said. Back in 2019, she appeared on an episode of the Austin Show, a popular Just Chatting reality Livestream series, while wearing a TSM jersey. There were many times when QT showed up on the show, and she was well-known for her frank opinions and sharp, competitive demeanor.

QT admits to having a crush on TSM’s Bjergsen back when she was single and before she started dating Twitch streamer Ludwig. “Bjergsen and Doublelift were two of my favorite TSM players,” she gushed. As seen in an old video, she donated $15 to Bjergsen in exchange for what she called “a BjergSON.” “Hola @ your grill,” says the rapper. Bjergsen effectively rejected her message by avoiding it and quickly terminating his stream. QT said in the old clip that “he doesn’t want my son.” Today, after re-watching the clip, QT clarified that her donation message was meant to be funny and said, “it’s a joke… I don’t approach men in that manner. Hey bb? I never say that.

QT made the announcement and then showed the official announcement video to her chat during today’s stream. Her response was sarcastic and self-deprecating, in which she joked that the younger actress hired to play her in the beginning of the video is more attractive than she is and that QT believes she “looks old” in the high school re-enactment scenes. When she was finished, she said, “I’m a bad actress,” and laughed out loud. Despite her self-criticism, this is all very QT, and she acknowledges that the announcement is fantastic.

TSM has been a longtime favorite of QT’s, as she stated during her stream. “I owe a debt of gratitude to TSM for introducing me to live streaming… “I’m so incredibly lucky.”


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