Jordan Galen, Faze Clan’s Senior Talent Manger was Fired Following Alleged Involvement In The Save The Kids Cryptocurrency Scandal

Jordan Galen, Faze Clan's Senior Talent Manger was Fired Following Alleged Involvement In The Save The Kids Cryptocurrency Scandal
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Following his alleged involvement in the Save the Kids cryptocurrency controversy, global esports and influencer organization FaZe Clan has reportedly removed its talent manager Jordan Galen.

Jordan was sacked by FaZe, according to YouTuber and journalist Coffeezilla, who confirmed on his LinkedIn page that he is no longer employed by FaZe as of July 2021.

Jordan had been negotiating various crypto deals and partnerships between token founders and influencers, according to Coffeezilla, and would collect a commission for doing so.

He specifically assisted Frazier Kay, a British influencer, in striking crypto deals for a range of coins.

“It all started with my responding to emails delivered to Frazier’s mailbox. After a few of the deals, I made contact with a third party who then delivered me the majority of the deals, and that was the end of it.

“After Frazier received the money, he sent me between 10% and 20% of what he received. Frazier always took care of me on every deal we completed, so there were never any formal discussions regarding commissions.

“I didn’t bring in the transactions the way I usually did [i.e., by informing FaZe]; instead, I worked directly with talent. There were no agreements or contracts, thus nothing was ever forwarded to FaZe legal for inspection, and FaZe received no financial benefit from these transactions.

“I want to be crystal clear: I had nothing to do with the [Save the Kids] coin’s conception, organization of talent, marketing, or anything else. It would be because either Sam or Frazier requested that I contact a talent to see if they were interested if I tried to recruit someone for the project.”

“I want to be abundantly clear, I had nothing to do with the development, organization of talent, marketing, or anything with the Save the Kids coin. If I tried to have anybody be a part of the project, it would be because either Sam or Frazier requested that I reach out to talent to see if they were interested.”

Jordan Galen

Kay was recently sacked by FaZe for allegedly ‘pumping and dumping’ the Save the Kids token, causing its value to collapse while profiting from the sale.

Sam Pepper, a British influencer, has also been linked to the operation, with Coffeezilla claiming that Sam made the choice to edit the whale code.

The anti-whale code prevented elite players from selling large amounts of tokens again in a 24-hour period, but when the coins went live, the code was modified from a one-day period to a one-minute period, making it easier for influencers to dump their tokens and run off with the money, leaving fans with little to nothing.

Coffeezilla further claims that during launch, Sam asked the developer to change the code from one that “wouldn’t let whales sell-off in less than five days” to one that “allows you to sell off in five minutes.”

“I’ve been a paid consultant to Kay for two years,” Sam Pepper allegedly told Coffeezilla. I obeyed his directions and had no authority outside of him.

“Kay came up with the name, concept, and aspects of the Save the Kids coin, and he recruited and organized the team members. He is in command. Kay is known for doing just that.”

FaZe has always maintained that it had no involvement in the Save the Kids controversy and that it was conducting its own investigation into it after suspending other members of the organization who were participating in its promotion.

“I’ve been a paid consultant to Kay for two years. I took orders from him and had no authority independent of him. The name, concept, and aspects of Save the Kids coin were Kay’s idea, and he chose and assembled the team members.”

Sam Pepper

Brits FaZe Jarvis and Joel Morris of the UK-based YouTube academy Xcademy, among others, have been accused of being involved. Kay stated that a “dishonest person exploited his trust” and that he is initiating an investigation. Joel Morris has now resigned down from his post at Xcad Network. Later, Frazier Kay threatened legal action Coffeezilla over his remarks on the incident.

It was previously unknown who was the mastermind behind the operation. However, based on Coffeezilla’s fresh data and reporting, it appears that numerous entities were involved, with Frazier Kay and Sam Pepper appearing to be the most extensively involved, according to Coffeezilla.

It’s a bitter reminder of the volatility and lack of regulation around bitcoin, as well as the hazards of trusting influencers, as we wrote in our initial opinion piece on the incident.

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