“I’m Not Saying I’m Quiting Because I Know How It Works, And Life Is Long.” – Kennys

One of the professional scene’s most illustrious names recently appeared on the French CS media outlet 1pv.fr to discuss the game and his future career.

“I’m Not Saying I’m Quiting Because I Know How It Works, And Life Is Long.” – Kennys

Few players in the professional CS:GO scene are as well-known as Kenny “kennyS” Schrub, who is best known for his revolutionary playstyle with the game’s most powerful weapon, the AWP. The 26-year-old G2 player, who has been on the team’s bench for a year, spoke about his recent struggles and his future during an interview conducted by 1pv in French, with some of its highlights translated to English by neL on Twitter.

During the nearly two-hour conversation, the Frenchman discussed his unwillingness to put in the work required to remain a full-time professional player, as well as the reasons for his lack of motivation in recent years. “I was tired. It’s easy when you’re 15, but it’s different when you get older. When things come quickly and easily — MVPs, Majors, being a top player, etc. — it’s not always good, and it hurt me in the long run.”

“I got tired of life and training. Everything that makes you a pro player. I am a competitor and want to be the best, but over the years, mentally, it was complicated, especially when your career is in decline.”

KennyS’ competitive appearances have been limited since he was benched in G2. As G2 reached new heights during the online era of play, kennyS didn’t have a strong desire to return to the server. “I loved being on the bench; I enjoyed it a lot more than being in a contract lock, but business is business.”

The Frenchman went into greater detail about his future plans and whether or not his appearance on the show was to announce his return to competitive sports. “Right now, people think that kennyS is on 1pv and that he’ll announce his comeback. No, kennyS is not announcing a comeback. Maybe in two years, one year, six months, I don’t know.For now, I’m seeking happiness, right now it’s fine, no reason to change. But I do not close any door.”

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