FaZe Kalei Explains Hacking Allegations

  • FaZe Kalei just joined FaZe clan but got perma banned on TikTok.
FaZe Kalei Explains Hacking Allegations
Image taken from FaZe Kalei’s YouTube channel.

Shortly after signing with FaZe clan. Kalei “FaZe Kalei” Renay got banned on TikTok after getting reported by multiple people. They accused her of using hacks while playing the game. She explained in a recent live stream that she wasn’t cheating and showed evidence.

In a video she explained why she can see loadout boxes through walls.

There has been a lot of issues with the anti-cheat capabilities of COD: Warzone and many players have been addressing this issue. Until the developers have a working way of finding out and banning these cheaters inside the game, issues like these will continue to to be rampant.

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