Valve Is Trying To Fix CS:GO Trust Issues For Linux Users

Valve Is Trying To Fix CS:GO Trust Issues For Linux Users Succeeding Email to Gaben

Multiple Linux clients got disappointed about their CS:GO Trust Factor. Even after Valve reported that the issue had been addressed, the issue kept on coming back for these clients. They utilized online media to spread the issue, yet the engineers disregarded it as most of the Windows-based clients kept on playing CS:GO, their Trust Factor framework was working appropriately.

The Linux clients met up in a bid to discover the purpose for this issue, resolving that ‘Plateau 21.x drivers with OpenGL stringing’ was the issue liable for their Trust Factor misbehaving. One of the CS:GO clients effectively following the Linux bug issue expressed that,

“Following the change earlier this year to Mesa 21.0 that enabled OpenGL threading (gl_thread) by default for CS:GO, Linux gamers began reporting their Trust Factor being lowered.”

As the Trust Factor framework is liable for adjusting the matchmaking line while playing CS:GO, the negative rating impacts interactivity bringing about a truly dreadful encounter for players.

Having endured enough and seeing that no move was being made by Valve, Keiron O’Shea chose to compose an email to Gaben himself. He featured resolving the CS:GO Trust Factor that all the Linux clients were all in all persevering. Shockingly it appeared to have gotten the job done as Ido Magal – CS:GO Project Lead, reacted to the email expressing that,

“Thanks for writing in and reporting your experience. We’ve found the underlying issue and believe it is fixed. Please confirm.”

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