The Lifeline Will See Enormous Nerfs In Apex Legends Season 9

  • Lifeline can pick up a fallen teammate with Combat Revive, which allows her to throw up a shield while her Drone of Compassion performs the revive.
  • One of the most talked-about updates will be a big nerf to Lifeline.

The Lifeline Will See Enormous Nerfs In Apex Legends Season 9

Apex Legends’ season 9 is coming in May, and fans are now talking about a portion of the progressions that lie ahead. Perhaps the most discussed updates will be a major nerf to Lifeline.

Help’s latent capacity, Combat Revive, will be the objective of the period 9 nerf. Presently, Lifeline can get a fallen colleague with Combat Revive, which permits her to hurl a safeguard while her Drone of Compassion plays out the resuscitate. This leaves Lifeline to move openly and take shots at adversaries from behind the safeguard.

However, Apex Legends balance planner John Larson took to Reddit as of late to clarify that Combat Revive planned to see changes pushing ahead. The restore safeguard will be eliminated in season 9. While Drone of Compassion, or DOC, will in any case restore partners, Lifeline will not have the option to stow away and shoot from behind a safeguard. This powers Lifeline players to zero in on their environmental factors a smidgen more to guarantee their colleague is resuscitated with no breaks from adversary players.

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