Rookie Had Surpassed Uzi’s All-Time LPL Kill Record, So Uzi Stepped In To Try To Reclaim It

Rookie Had Surpassed Uzi's All-Time LPL Kill Record, So Uzi Stepped In To Try To Reclaim It
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In today’s match between Victory Five and Bilibili Gaming in week eight of the 2022 Spring Split, mid laner Rookie broke the all-time LPL kill record.

The match between Victory Five and Bilibili Gaming today had viewers on the edge of their seats. It was a full-fledged brawl between two LPL superteams, a battle of mechanics, pride, and all-time kill records.

Things heated up in game two of the series, and not just because Rookie’s Orianna delivered an impressive carry performance to force a game three. It was what happened in that game that resulted in a pleasant surprise for game three.

Rookie became the all-time LPL kills leader in game two, surpassing Uzi’s mark of 2,633 kills, a significant feat in the LPL that denotes dominance over a long period of time. But, perhaps more importantly, it reawakened the legendary AD carry, who came off the bench for Bilibili Gaming to play only his third game of the 2022 Spring Split.

The Chinese superstar entered game three with his signature Ezreal pick, hoping to reclaim his LPL kill record. To do so, he’d have to finish the game with seven more kills than Rookie.

Both teams battled back and forth, displaying their mechanical abilities in teamfight after teamfight. In the end, Victory Five emerged victorious in the final battle. Rookie maintained his newfound record and increased it to 2,646 kills. Uzi scored 8/4/9 on Ezreal, while Rookie scored 6/3/12 on Ahri.

While this was a foregone conclusion, it drops Bilibili Gaming to 7-6 and puts them on a three-match losing streak. Bilibili Gaming, billed as one of the strongest LPL teams on paper, has underperformed after a 3-0 start to the 2022 LPL Spring Split. Previously a part of the league’s tight six-team race, they now sit in eighth place, and their place in the LPL playoffs is jeopardized because FunPlus Phoenix is in 11th place with six wins.

On March 12, Bilibili Gaming will try to end their recent slump against another cold team, EDward Gaming.

With an 11-2 record, Victory Five has temporarily taken sole possession of first place in the 2022 LPL Spring Split. They are battling Weibo Gaming for the top spot in the regular-season standings, with a score of 10-2.

With only three matches remaining, Victory Five is poised to secure a top-two seed in the 2022 LPL Spring Split. They’ll play Anyone’s Legends, ThunderTalk Gaming, and FPX in their final three games.

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