In Week Five Of The LCS 2022 Spring, Cloud9 Annihilates Evil Geniuses In A 27-Minute Victory

In Week Five Of The LCS 2022 Spring, Cloud9 Annihilates Evil Geniuses In A 27-Minute Victory
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Cloud9 annihilated early-season contenders Evil Geniuses in just 27 minutes in week five of the LCS 2022 Spring Split, improving to 9-2 as a result.

Cloud9 has grown rapidly in just five weeks and now leads the LCS standings with a 9-2 record after defeating EG for the ninth time. EG, the underdogs going into the game, surprised Cloud9 by picking Kha’Zix for jungler Inspired to match Blaber’s Volibear pick.

Throughout the early game, it was a battle between the two junglers exerting map pressure as Inspired looked to focus around his laners and Blaber pulled over several dives on the early game dominant Volibear.

Blaber stormed through the early game and gave C9 a big lead with his Volibear pick, racking up a 6/0/4 scoreline against EG in the first 20 minutes.

Despite C9’s jungler’s incredible early game, EG was able to keep the gold close, trailing by only 4k gold at the 20-minute mark. And, given Volibear’s late-game slump, the game appeared to be a toss-up.

C9, on the other hand, removed all doubt from any viewer’s mind when they aced EG at dragon pit 24 minutes in, extending their lead to 8k. They then snatched up Baron as well.

They then used this Baron to break open more towers at EG’s base before finishing the game with the neutral buff and a 12k gold lead after a 27-minute victory.

Following a promising Lock In Tournament finish as runners-up, EG has looked far less dominant in Spring. After five weeks, they are 5-6 and seventh in the regular season after this loss to C9. They’ll try to make a second-half comeback in week six when they face Team Liquid and TSM in week seven of Spring.

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