Game: Fortnite

Portrait of DrLupo


Biography Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo (born on March 20, 1987) is a Twitch streamer and a professional player for Rogue from North America. He is a proponent of giving to charity and has held numerous charity streams in his tenure as a streamer. DrLupo Fortnite Settings MOUSE SETTINGS – FINALMOUSE AIR58 NINJA CBR EDITION DPI 800 …

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Selfie of Dakotaz


Biography Brett “Dakotaz” Hoffman (born on July 12, 1986)  is a Fortnite content creator and streamer. He first started on Twitch in 2011, and officially began streaming in 2012. He also created a YouTube channel for gaming purposes. Dakotaz Fortnite Settings MOUSE SETTINGS – LOGITECH G502 HERO DPI 2400 X-Axis Sensitivity 6.7% Y-Axis Sensitivity 6.7% …

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Portrait of SypherPK sitting


Biography Sypher “SypherPK” Ali (born May 10, 1996) is a popular multiplayer YouTuber from North America. His YouTube channel has been around since 2011 and has over a million subscribers and the same goes for Twitch. He is currently a full-time streamer playing Fortnite. SypherPK Fortnite Settings MOUSE SETTINGS – RAZER VIPER ULTIMATE HYPERSPEED DPI …

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Portrait of Pokimane wearing a jersey


Biography Imane “Pokimane” Anys (born on May 14, 1996) is Twitch streamer from Canada. She’s most famous for broadcasting League of Legends and Fortnite.  Ninja Pokimane Settings MOUSE SETTINGS – HYPERX PULSEFIRE FPS DPI 800 X-Axis Sensitivity 10% Y-Axis Sensitivity 10% Hz 1000 Targeting Sensitivity 100.0% Scope Sensitivity 100.0% POKIMANE FORTNITE KEYBINDS – STEELSERIES APEX …

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Portrait of Myth wearing a jersey


Biography Ali “Myth” Kabbani (born on May 24, 1999) is Fortnite player and streamer from North America.  Myth Fortnite Settings MOUSE SETTINGS – LOGITECH G703 LIGHTSPEED DPI 700 X-Axis Sensitivity 6.8% Y-Axis Sensitivity 6.8% Hz 1000 Targeting Sensitivity 34.5% Scope Sensitivity 25.0% MYTH FORTNITE KEYBINDS – LOGITECH G PRO MECHANICAL KEYBOARD Wall Mouse Q Floor …

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Portrait of Nickmercs wearing a jersey


Biography Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff (born on November 21, 1990) is a Fortnite player from North America who currently plays for FaZe Clan. NICKMERCS Fortnite Settings CONTROLLER SETTINGS – SCUF INFINITY4PS PRO MFAM Build Mode Sens.1.7x Edit Mode Sens.1.4x Input CurveExponential Confirm Edit on ReleaseOn Look H. Speed47% Look V. Speed44% Turn H. Boost0% Turn V. …


Portrait of Mongraal wearing a jersey


Biography Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson (born on August 13, 2004) is a Fortnite player and streamer from England who currently plays for FaZe Clan. Mongraal Fortnite Settings MOUSE SETTINGS – LOGITECH G402 HYPERION FURY FPS DPI 800 X-Axis Sensitivity 5.0% Y-Axis Sensitivity 5.0% Hz 1000 Targeting Sensitivity 50.0% Scope Sensitivity 50.0% MONGRAAL FORTNITE KEYBINDS – STEELSERIES …

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Portrait of Shroud wearing a jersey


Biography Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek (born June 2, 1994) is a retired Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player from Canada of Polish descent. He is from Toronto, Ontario, but has since relocated to Orange County, California, in the United States. He is currently a Full-Time streamer on Mixer. Shroud Fortnite Settings MOUSE SETTINGS – LOGITECH G PRO WIRELESS …

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Portrait of Bugha wearing a jersey


Biography Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf (born on December 30, 2002) is a streamer and professional Fortnite player from America.  Bugha Fortnite Settings MOUSE SETTINGS – FINALMOUSE AIR58 DPI 400 X-Axis Sensitivity 12.5% Y-Axis Sensitivity 12.5% Hz 1000 Targeting Sensitivity 30.4% Scope Sensitivity 39.4% BUGHA FORTNITE KEYBINDS – STEELSERIES AEPX PRO TKL Wall Mouse Mouse 5 Floor …

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Portrait of Tfue wearing a jersey


Biography Turner Ellis “Tfue” Tenney (born on January 2, 1998) is an eSports player from Florida. He has gained most of his success playing Fortnite, as he is best known as “The Best Player in the World”. Tfue Fortnite Settings MOUSE SETTINGS – FINALMOUSE AIR58 NINJA CBR EDITION DPI 400 X-Axis Sensitivity 11.9% Y-Axis Sensitivity …

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