Dr. Disrespect Opens Up About His New Year’s Resolutions

Dr. Disrespect Opens Up About His New Year's Resolutions
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The streamer has a lot of things in the works.

Dr Disrespect, a streamer, recently shared his New Year’s resolutions. On January 1, 2022, he took to Twitter to inform all of his followers about his plans for them.

The resolutions range from practical to ridiculous. While some of these look to be jokes, you never know when it comes to Dr Disrespect. In the past, the streamer has done some fairly large pranks.

The first item on the list is “$100 Million Raised for Midnight Society,” which is a reference to the game firm formed by Dr Disrespect and a group of Halo and Call of Duty developers, Midnight Society. It’s unclear where he plans to get all of this cash. It’s possible that the streamer is seeking for a publisher. He could potentially be contemplating a crowdsourcing campaign.

The list’s second and third items are a little more bizarre than the first. Dr Disrespect just says “Bourbon Business” and “Release Music Album,” leading some to guess that he is planning to invest in a whiskey brand, while others speculate that he is planning to start his own distillery. The streamer has already expressed interest in making bourbon. Dr Disrespect used to make music, thus he could be working on a few tracks for the album.

“Doc-Con 2022” is ranked fourth by Dr Disrespect. This appears to be some type of meeting, although it’s unclear what the streamer has planned. He could be making a joke about Twitch. On June 26, 2020, Dr Disrespect was permanently banned from the platform. TwitchCon will take place in July 2021 on the streaming platform.

“Unbanned and Massive Payout,” the last item on the list, is highlighted in purple. This could be a reference to his permanent ban from Twitch, similar to the prior item. After more than a year, Dr Disrespect has yet to be picked up by the streaming service. He claims to be pursuing legal action against the platform.

While some of his New Year’s resolutions appear to be jokes, Dr. Disrespect appears to have a lot of plans for the future. Only time will tell if any of these ideas come to fruition.


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